Going Crazy at Home? This one’s for you.

If you're going crazy at home - working or not, here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated. From Amana, The Spotlight Coach
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3 Tips for Covid19 Anxiety

You're confined to staying at home, worried about life, loved ones and loneliness. How do you cope with the growing anxiety you feel? here's 3 tips from Amana that might help you ease the strain.
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Coping with Covid19: 5 Tips

Coping with Covid19 - Here's 5 Tips The novelty of staying home due to Covid19 - and being able to eat kit kats whenever you want (just me?) - might be starting to wear off already.
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Be A Gamechanger

Be A Gamechanger. It's not easy at the best of times, but right now, it's a real test of strength - and character.
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Amana Walker#Perceptions Be careful how YOU come across. #StraightTalkingCoach
Amana Walker#BeDifferent Never be afraid of being YOU. You're more than good enough. #TheSpotlightGuru
Amana WalkerIn a world full of (negative) noise. We all have an alternative option. Be kind, or be quiet. #EverydayWisdom
Amana WalkerMake a difference. Be the stone. #SpotlightCoach #IngredientX
Amana Walker#LifeLessons Sometimes it's good to have a point of difference. Don't hold back. #BeWhoYouAre