How to be the best. At anything.

You know, I often say this to the people I coach. Including the absolute top performers in sport and music. '...if you truly want to be the best - you won't ever reach the end point. Because there isn't one '
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Why managing yourself, matters.

The truth is, it doesn't matter who you are or what you do - this applies to all of us. I'm talking about managing yourself.
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Golf: The US Open – Why mindset matters

I didn't get much sleep last night, thanks to you two....but Congratulations to #MattFitzpatrick - winner of the US Open Golf Championship 2022 and partner in crime, #BillyFoster.
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The winners vs. the losers

The winners vs. the losers Ahhh the football season is drawing to a close. And what a season it's been.
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Amana Walker#EverydayMotivation Anyone can be beautiful. If they want to be.
Amana Walker#EverydayMotivation Getting what you want, takes confidence. Here's how to change that:
Amana WalkerHow to be the best. At anything. #FridayFeeling
Amana WalkerJust posted a photo @ UK