Dont be afraid of being different

2 reasons why we’ve forgotten how to chat.

Our reliance on our gadgets (mainly mobile phones) has resulted in us struggling with how to have a proper conversation. Here's 2 reasons why.
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5 by 5 rule Banksy AW

How to stop worrying in 5 minutes

I know it FEELS big at the time, but trust me - it probably isn't. 5 minutes is enough.
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Everyone has ingredient X find yours

The Man Who Had Everything.. And Nothing.

Ingredient X - The Story of The Man Who Had Everything, And Nothing (Taken from my forthcoming book: 'Ingredient X') Over the years, I’d seen his success grow and grow...
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falling apart AW

Why Me? Here’s Why….

Do you ever feel like the world is against you (or, at least,someone is) - and you find yourself thinking 'WHY ME?!'?
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Amana Walker#Emotions Almost impossible to hide - especially when you're in the spotlight. #TheSpotlightGuru
Amana WalkerAlways look BEHIND the words. That's where you'll find the real answer.And the truth. #TheSpotlightGuru