Any fool can criticise AW

Criticism: Are you guilty?

It doesn't matter whether I'm coaching in business, sports or in the world of TV and Radio - there is one subject that just keeps on coming up. Criticism.
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The BIGGEST obstacle you are likely to face….

Here's a reminder for anyone who is finding January tough already. Your intention is good, and you have the enthusiasm to do the things you said you'd do right?
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Happiness AW


I've never been a big talker. Instead, I listen well (and so I should as a coach) then I'll make my point, and get to the point, quickly. Let's talk Happiness.
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Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas, and Thank You

Merry Christmas, and Thank You for watching my (often boring) videos! Here's to you in 2019 x
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Amana WalkerStop looking. Stop comparing. You have all the talent you need, it just has to be brought out. Now, don’t you da…
Amana Walker#LifeLessons Here's one for all you leaders out there. Correction... Here's one for ALL of us.…
Amana Walker#Life Sometimes you just have grab it by the balls and have a laugh...and have the occasional shot of vodka. Or…