The unseen magic, of you

What am I talking about? The magic that you can't see in YOU.
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How Prince Harry can resolve that family feud.

With Prince Harry’s book Spare due out imminently, copies and content are already being leaked. And from what we can see, it doesn’t look good for him. Why?
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Why Comparison Is A Trap

Having coached many millionaires, attractive and successful people, I can tell you that we are usually wrong in our assumptions. Comparison, my friends, is such a trap
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How to be the best. At anything.

You know, I often say this to the people I coach. Including the absolute top performers in sport and music. '...if you truly want to be the best - you won't ever reach the end point. Because there isn't one '
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Amana WalkerThis has made my day....@pubpodawards When doing something that helps others, is shortlisted for an award. 🥰 . I…
Amana WalkerEnough said. #InternationalWomensDay
Amana WalkerBrilliant. Well done @officialgtfc The magic of the #FACup
Amana WalkerAbsolutely brilliant, and well deserved too for you @kelc100 and everyone involved at @NationalWorld . So chuffed t…