This, is the most important part of any plan.

Right, we’ve made it through the tough month of January, so now we’re all fired up for the rest of the year to be a success, right?

Well…don’t count on it. 😬

Let’s be honest, even with top notch business plans, and a ‘motivational’ launch into the year, it’s still not enough to make the results for the year ahead happen.

Why? Because we are normal (not speaking for everyone) people – and we need more. Such as someone pretty damn special at work who makes us feel like all the hard work is worth it (telling ourselves that isn’t always enough).

And who keeps us going when we think we need a miracle.
And who gives us the nod to be daring and to try doing things differently.
And who doesn’t shoot us down when we get it badly wrong.

If you manage people, that special person could well be you.

If it is, have a read of my latest column (Page 79 in the link below) in Newsquest Media Group ‘s in-cumbria magazine, which is all about how the most sophisticated plans won’t get you very far unless you make the most important part of that plan (that’ll be your team) central to it.

And your biggest focus.

When it’s a tough market, and the challenges are coming at you from all directions, we have to at least get the basics right. 😉

I know, I know, it’s not rocket science…but common sense my friends, is not that common.

It has to be said, doesn’t it?

Pass it on to someone who might just need to read this…
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