“Amana, you are a true delight every time I see you and your belief in me is amazing and insightful. I am so very grateful for your words of encouragement when I have to face the cameras – all have hit the right spot… Thank you so so much.”

TV Personality

“You made a huge difference to my experience of fame and understanding the sudden increase in popularity. You really are a ‘safe haven’. Thank you for being there!”

Recording Artist / TV Personality

“Thanks Amana I really appreciate what you do for me, thank you for giving me the confidence to stand out there on my own. No one seems to understand the pressure, but you do – thank god!”

Recording Artist


“I’m always thinking about you and your advice – You don’t know how valuable it’s been, not just for my game but for all aspects of my life. I have improved massively, and have been instrumental in my teams winning performance. Thanks for being there.”

Premiership Footballer

“You are “my saviour”. You are just honest, and straight to the point with no bullshit!! I am starting to feel much more positive about the obstacles I’m facing in golf and I know I will bounce back much stronger! I can’t thank you enough and look forward to seeing you again.”

Professional Golfer

“Strange, I know I hardly know you but I feel so happy and confident in your company, I feel like I have known you 20 years …and I wish I had. It’s tough in the top league but I can now control my frustrations and my performance will make us both proud!”

Professional Sports Player

“I believe my work with Amana has changed my approach to my golf. I address everything in a different light by preparing myself properly and adapting to certain changes on the golf course… By improving my mental approach, I have managed to achieve one of my main goals which was to win an important tournament. It was the best feeling I have ever experienced in my life.”

Professional Golfer

Business/Leaders/High Fliers

“Amana is an outstanding coach. She brings the best out in people, improving morale, confidence and results. She manages to quickly connect with people, doesn’t use jargon and lives in the ‘real’ world. She is tough, disciplined and realistic. I’d recommend her unreservedly to anyone.”

CEO, Media 

“… She is natural and inspirational and has that rare ability to help people perform beyond even their own highest expectations.”

CEO, Digital Agency  

“As soon as I met Amana I knew she would help to get the best out of me.  Amana has helped me to think differently, stretched me and has tested me out of my comfort zone. Overall I now think of people and situations differently and have grown in leadership and business confidence. Amana’s style, process and coaching ability is of an exceptional high standard and her ability to support me in a time of great change has been immense. If you are a business that is transforming or you want to get great results, I would strongly recommend you get this woman!”

Group Commercial Director, Media

“…I have been lucky enough to work with Amana Walker for a number of years. She has helped me stretch and develop and achieve goals I may not otherwise have been confident enough to try for. Amana has been a constant support and guide to me and my management team to deliver incredible results throughout some very difficult circumstances. If you are interested in being the best you can be, Amana can help you get there.”

CEO, Media

 “…She’s been with me through the great times and the challenges in my career and always offered the best of dialogue, never telling me what to do – always making me push myself and look deeper for my resources. I’m unashamedly recommending this lady, the investment will be worth more than you can quantify emotionally, and financially. She’s kept my feet firmly planted on the ground and pushed my boundaries further than I could have imagined.”

Chairman, Leisure Industry

“…You inspired me in more ways than you will ever know Amana, and for that I will always be grateful!”

Marketing Director 

“Thank-you so much for your time and for your advice, inspiration and motivation over the years… I – and we – will always need you!”

Non Exec Chairman  

“You’ve got to give Amana a call… I’ve put into action a lot from the sessions I’ve had and really moved forward in my career. I now have confidence to operate at Board level comfortably and influence key stakeholders. She helped me believe in myself and my talents.”

Board Director

As a speaker

“Unique, positive and had a profound effect on the audience. I would have no hesitation in using Amana in the future or recommending her.”


“Your talk at the Conference on Friday was superb. Well-constructed and brilliantly delivered it is one of the best I have heard during the slot which provides examples of people who are inspirational and are in a business of their own. Thank you so much for your time.”

Event Director

“I had the privilege of listening to Amana and found her to be both inspirational and thought provoking. Loved her stories.”

Media Director

Spotlight Training

 “Thanks to Amana’s determination and solid presenting techniques, we have become far more confident.  Amana supported us from the initial set-up right through to presentation stage, where she delivered part of the training herself, this gave us the opportunity to view and understand her presentation skills in action.  With her we have mastered the (dreaded) concept of presenting…”

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