Amana has a certain way of coaching people.
You'll like it.
She works with people in TV, Sports and Business.
You'll get noticed.
She’ll help you cope with the pressures that come with success and being in the spotlight.
You'll need that.
With years of experience, she knows her stuff.
You'll feel safe.
Amana Walker
straightforward, straight-talking.

A little bit
about me.


Amana Walker, The Spotlight Guru

Everyone wants the chance to shine ...if your time is now, have a listen to me talking about Life in the Spotlight
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TV & media expert

I regularly appear on TV, radio and media to give my expert view on life coaching.
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New book

The Power of Ingredient 'X'... A no nonsense guide on how to stand out from the crowd.
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The latest
from my blog.

7 days in a week 3 cropped AW

New year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

New Year's Resolutions. I would say that I don't believe in them - but technically, that's not true.
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2018 Day 1 Whats your plan

2018. Day 1.

2018. Day 1 for most of us, has now gone. So by now, I'm sure you have already set out your written plan for your year ahead
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Love at first sight AW

Love. At first sight.

Love. At first sight. Do you believe in that?
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Amana Walker#Perceptions Be careful how YOU come across. #StraightTalkingCoach
Amana Walker#LifeLessons Sometimes it's good to have a point of difference. Don't hold back. #BeWhoYouAre
Amana Walker#Smile Do it. Before it's too late.... #TheSpotlightCoach
Amana Walker#Opportunity is everywhere. #TheSpotlightCoach
Amana Walker#WednesdayWisdom Time to stick YOUR neck out? Go on, take a risk... #TheSpotlightGuru