How Social Media Fools Us

If you feel embarrassed because you’re not as ‘successful’ as the people you see on social media. Don’t be.

If you’re envious of of people who show their ‘wealth’. Don’t be.

If you don’t have the large following or number of ‘likes’ that other people have, and you feel unimportant. Don’t.


Because VERY few people show their absolute truth – on social media and in everyday life. They present an image that they want you to see, because it makes them feel good and it serves a purpose.

So bear that in mind when you’re scrolling away and feeling inadequate because of the fancy pictures, and stories that you see.

The reality is behind the mask. Hidden.

The real life examples, the mistakes, the failures that you go through and the everyday ‘untouched’ pictures/selfies that show – are worth far more than false images. They keep you grounded, keep you real and help you stay credible. Who wouldn’t want that?

I’m telling you this because so many people that I coach concern themselves with how much better others seem to be doing…compared to them.

Except that they’re probably not, and if you looked behind the curtain (as I do when coaching successful people) you’d know the truth.

Doom scrolling can leave you on the floor by giving you false perceptions.

Just don’t be fooled.
Stay true to yourself, and stay on your path.

The Spotlight Coach
Straightforward, straight talking