What do I do?

Here’s an example of the most common types of coaching I do:

  • Individual Coaching – Usually over a series of meetings, the number is down to you and what it is you want to focus on. For some people its work related challenges and for others it’s more personal.
  • Coaching for Leaders – As a Leader (at any level), you need headspace – an opportunity to get clear about what you have on your plate (and mind) and how you are going to handle it. For you it isn’t necessarily about how to do your job it’s about how well you are using your talent and stretching your performance. If you want to be the best – or stay at your best – you have to work at it.
  • Sports Coaching – Footballers, Rugby players, Golfers – people who are often at the top of their game, are under pressure to achieve their next win. That’s all well and good, but elite performance isn’t just about talent, or skill, or experience – it’s about what’s going on in your head. Mind management coaching is a must if you are to handle life at the top. Whatever thoughts/concerns or doubts are running through your head, it’s going to be reflected in your performance.

Amana has a certain way of coaching people.
You’ll like it.
She works with people in TV, Sports and Business.
You’ll get noticed.
She’ll help you cope with the pressures that come with success and being in the spotlight.
You’ll need that.
With years of experience, she knows her stuff.
You’ll feel safe.
Amana Walker, straightforward, straight-talking.

  • Spotlight Coaching – You’re a talented artist, a singer or personality on TV. You may even be someone who happens to be in the public eye. Whoever you are, you are in the glare of publicity and the Spotlight is on you. There’s no escaping it. That’s why you need someone unconnected with your industry as your coach, your personal sounding board and your safe haven. This is an ‘under the radar’ ongoing coaching relationship: coaching that’s potentially required at any time of the day, or night.
  • Senior Management Development Training and Coaching Programmes – We’re often asked to run development programmes for up and coming talent.  There’s a lot to consider if you want to be an outstanding leader: managing and inspiring people, managing yourself and your time, and being on top of the many changes that are likely to come your way. It’s no walk in the park – but it helps if you are armed with tools, tips and the confidence to carry it out well. We can give you all of that.

Sometimes we do refresher programmes and for other people we focus on existing leaders – because If you want to be the best in your field and keep your edge – that means working at it. See for more.