Who am I?

When I was a kid, one of my ambitions was to travel the world. So I joined the travel industry.

I started as junior (and ‘tea girl’) and was promoted to director (yeah, that took me a few years!) for the UK’s No.1 Holiday Company, and many years later, I took the leap into owning my own Personal Coaching business.

Working my way up through the ranks has ‘earned me the right’ to connect with and help people at all levels.

I am born and bred in lovely Yorkshire, but hey, I work all over the UK and overseas when you let me!

Amana has a certain way of coaching people.
You’ll like it.
She works with people in TV, Sports and Business.
You’ll get noticed.
She’ll help you cope with the pressures that come with success and being in the spotlight.
You’ll need that.
With years of experience, she knows her stuff.
You’ll feel safe.
Amana Walker, straightforward, straight-talking.

Experienced? Hell yes!

Thanks to recommendation, I’ve been ‘passed around’ to many types of businesses: In Sports (football, rugby and golf), in Media (newspapers, radio, and TV), Entertainment (singers, performers) and in both corporate and entrepreneurial types of businesses.

And what I’m really good at is…..

  • Finding your (often hidden) talent … (because we all have ‘X’ Factor)
  • Moving you from good to outstanding
  • Helping you handle stress or the pressure of life in the spotlight
  • Giving you strength in a changing environment
  • Supporting (and pushing!) rising stars

My Style?

I’ve coached people from the age of 13 to 67 (so far).

Although I have over 25 years’ experience, I think experience can be so overrated.

…Good job I’m talented isn’t it?

Don’t be alarmed by this one …but I’m no ‘traditional’, process driven coach. I’m informal, conversational and practical.

I may be using various methods – but you don’t need to know that right?

Using psychobabble (is that even a word?) can put people off – so I don’t.

Amana Walker#Problems. When you're looking for a solution, always start with YOU. #TheSpotlightGuru
Amana Walker#Emotions Almost impossible to hide - especially when you're in the spotlight. #TheSpotlightGuru
Amana Walker#Success ....and you. They go hand in hand. You're in charge. #TheSpotlightGuru
Amana WalkerAlways look BEHIND the words. That's where you'll find the real answer.And the truth. #TheSpotlightGuru