A Life Lesson In A Crisis

If you’re finding this year tough and you’ve - well, had enough, then you’ll want to take anything good you can find from it. And why not? So I’ve got something you can add. A life lesson.
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The real story you should listen to

But there is a story much more important than any of this. A story that's playing 24 hours a day and it's far more exciting - or dangerous - than any other story.
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How to read faces

When you're having a conversation on a video call, or even from behind a face mask - how do you and why should you read faces?
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Your invisible wall

Walls. I see them every day. Oh no, I'm not talking about the physical, brick walls - I'm talking about the invisible kind. The kind that I discover when coaching people.
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Amana Walker#Perceptions Be careful how YOU come across. #StraightTalkingCoach
Amana Walker#BeDifferent Never be afraid of being YOU. You're more than good enough. #TheSpotlightGuru
Amana WalkerIn a world full of (negative) noise. We all have an alternative option. Be kind, or be quiet. #EverydayWisdom
Amana WalkerMake a difference. Be the stone. #SpotlightCoach #IngredientX
Amana Walker#LifeLessons Sometimes it's good to have a point of difference. Don't hold back. #BeWhoYouAre