Good news about your rise to the top. Bad news for your competition.

‘But amana..’ they say, ‘...there’s sooo much competition..’. I hear this a lot when I’m coaching. Even from people with huge ambition.
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See off the ‘blues’ on ‘Blue Monday’ (or any other day).

Every year (well, since it was first used in a PR campaign in 2005 by holiday firm Sky Travel), the third Monday (this year, 18th January) in January is proclaimed to be ‘Blue Monday’.
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The Biggest Battle You Face

The Biggest Battle You Face is with yourself. It's OK if you don't have a fancy pants social media account - or a gazillion followers.
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Rocket fuel…for the soul

You know how it feels when you can't change the world around you...Or the environment close to you... What you need is rocket fuel ...for the soul.
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