The unseen magic, of you

What am I talking about? The magic that you can't see in YOU.
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The obstacles are not in your way.

Obstacles are never in your way. There are times when this one hits all of us.
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Life in the Spotlight – How to be ready

Life in the spotlight - it's no walk in the park. I can't tell you how many people I coach who want to stand out - or be in the Spotlight, locally, nationally or globally.
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Valentine’s Day is Any Day.

I know, I know (as I write this) it's a bit early for any 'Valentine' stuff . But IS IT?
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Amana WalkerThis has made my day....@pubpodawards When doing something that helps others, is shortlisted for an award. 🥰 . I…
Amana WalkerEnough said. #InternationalWomensDay
Amana WalkerBrilliant. Well done @officialgtfc The magic of the #FACup
Amana WalkerAbsolutely brilliant, and well deserved too for you @kelc100 and everyone involved at @NationalWorld . So chuffed t…