Happiness AW


I've never been a big talker. Instead, I listen well (and so I should as a coach) then I'll make my point, and get to the point, quickly. Let's talk Happiness.
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If you're dreams dont scare you Halloween AW

My (Scary) Halloween Message

Here's my Halloween message to you. In a few days time, we'll all be getting ready to be scary and to be scared, and in the process, we'll probably have some fun.
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Dont be afraid of being different

Be Different

When I was a kid, I hated being different - looking different.
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Success at the top AW

You want success – but how badly?

Success. Not everyone wants it but those that do, want it badly. It doesn't matter what kind of success we are talking about here - it's all relevant:
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Amana Walker#You If you're ready to raise your game, here's how to start.
Amana Walker#BeDifferent Don't give up. #SpotlightCoach
Amana Walker#Beauty I think Yves Saint Laurent knows what he's talking about. The best beauty products are free.…
Amana Walker#LifeOfACoach You talk, I listen. You empty your head, I fill mine. Now you can find some solutions. Relax, you'r…