The unseen magic, of you

I used to be shocked by this – when I first started coaching – but now I’m not.Why?Because it happens, and I see it when coaching SO often.

What am I talking about? The magic that you can’t see in YOU.

It’s stuff like this:

Star quality
Ambition.. and, all the other stuff that I (and no doubt, others) can see in you that you DON’T see in yourself.

Because you bury it with self-doubt.

You deny it.
You class yourself as an ‘Imposter’.
You think others are soooo much better.
You don’t think you’ll ever compare or stack up.
You find it hard to believe that there’s anything special about you.
You won’t allow yourself to believe that you have what it takes, will you?

C’mon. Give yourself a break. The longer you deny the strengths or capabilities that you have, the more you risk burying them further.

Or forever .

Don’t let that happen.So listen up my friends. Dig deep – the real you is in there. If only you looked closer, and you accept what you see.

When you allow yourself to shine, that’s when things begin to happen for you.

Trust me. Start seeing the magic in you, that I can see.

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