Be A Gamechanger

Be A Gamechanger. It's not easy at the best of times, but right now, it's a real test of strength - and character.
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Working From Home? Stay focused and stay away from the biscuits….

Working from home? On a 'normal ' day we'd be skipping with delight at the thought of staying in our slippers and not having to battle the nightmare that is the daily commute. But this is no ordinary day, because it could be days ....or weeks.
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Deep Listening…What the heck is that?

BBC Radio 5 Live conducted a powerful experiment on Deep Listening and then invited me on to their show to talk about it from a coach's perspective.
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Feb 29th: The day that could change your life.

There are some weird and wonderful traditions when it comes to Feb 29th,
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Amana Walker#EverydayMotivation How to manage your head - 5 ways to feel good. Why not? Free ebook here...…
Amana WalkerGo easy on yourself. Otherwise it's gonna hurt. In more ways than one.
Amana Walker#ThursdayThoughts Do you ever just want someone to give you the time and space to be listened to? #LifeOfACoach
Amana Walker#You If you're ready to raise your game, here's how to start.
Amana WalkerBefore you realise it, the beauty will have faded - then what will you have left? Keep. Moving.