3 Tips for Covid19 Anxiety

You're confined to staying at home, worried about life, loved ones and loneliness. How do you cope with the growing anxiety you feel? here's 3 tips from Amana that might help you ease the strain.
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Coping with Covid19: 5 Tips

Coping with Covid19 - Here's 5 Tips The novelty of staying home due to Covid19 - and being able to eat kit kats whenever you want (just me?) - might be starting to wear off already.
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Be A Gamechanger

Be A Gamechanger. It's not easy at the best of times, but right now, it's a real test of strength - and character.
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Working From Home? Stay focused and stay away from the biscuits….

Working from home? On a 'normal ' day we'd be skipping with delight at the thought of staying in our slippers and not having to battle the nightmare that is the daily commute. But this is no ordinary day, because it could be days ....or weeks.
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Amana WalkerLife is a risk. Allowing someone to knock down your wall, might be a risk worth taking. #SpotlightGuru
Amana Walker#RaiseYourGame Here's 1 tip. Guaranteed to raise your game. Whatever your game is. #TheSpotlightGuru
Amana Walker#Problems. When you're looking for a solution, always start with YOU. TheSpotlightGuru
Amana Walker#Monday It's all about attitude. And ambition. #ChooseWisely