Feb 29th: The day that could change your life.

There are some weird and wonderful traditions when it comes to Feb 29th,
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How to live your life with NO regrets

But - most of us have had at least 1 tiny one in life, so how can we live a life without regret?
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The Real Love Island ‘Face’

It’s hotting up in the Love Island villa, in more ways than one. Shaughna has (along with Mollie - Mae and Megan Barton Hanson, previous Love Island contestants) been open about her cosmetic ‘tweakments’,
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Write Your Own Life

Some people start a new year full of excitement about the job they are going to, the partner they are with and in the knowledge that they are living their life just as they want to be. But not everyone feels like that....
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Amana Walker#EverydayMotivation How to manage your head - 5 ways to feel good. Why not? Free ebook here...…
Amana WalkerGo easy on yourself. Otherwise it's gonna hurt. In more ways than one.
Amana Walker#ThursdayThoughts Do you ever just want someone to give you the time and space to be listened to? #LifeOfACoach
Amana Walker#You If you're ready to raise your game, here's how to start.
Amana WalkerBefore you realise it, the beauty will have faded - then what will you have left? Keep. Moving.