Why Comparison Is A Trap

I think we get too caught up in what other people are doing. Or what they have. Or what they look like.

Don’t you?

I say this because when we do that, we start to compare ourselves…and as humans, we have a tendency to take what we see at face value.

So, if someone looks like they are more successful, then we think they are.

If someone is more attractive, we think they must be more popular.

If someone has more money, or more friends, we think they must be happy.

And that’s the dangerous, black hole of a trap we fall into, don’t we?

Because how the heck do we know what the truth is?

We don’t, we often make the story up in our heads.

Having coached many millionaires, attractive and successful people, I can tell you that we are usually wrong in our assumptions.

Comparison, my friends, is such a trap. Don’t go there!

So whoever you are, whatever you look like and whatever you have – or haven’t got, keep your head up and be proud.

Never be afraid to be noticed for who you are.

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