Piers Morgan, Daniel Craig…and a Baby.

Piers Morgan, Daniel Craig ...and a Baby. Piers Morgan has been at it again, ruffling feathers and giving his own opinion on why men SHOULDN'T be carrying a baby around in a papoose - as was Daniel Craig. Well if it's good enough for 007......
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The danger with romance at work

So the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing 'curse' has struck again, this time with Seann and Katya. And this is why romance in the work place is so dangerous...
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Ryder Cup – Questions For The Captain

The Ryder Cup 2018 has been won by Team Europe! But what happened to Team USA, a team with so many great players (and champs) in it? In The Spotlight poses a few questions for their captain, Jim Furyk.
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Tiger Woods…and How to Win

Tiger Woods...and How to Win. Watch In The Spotlight with amana, for a few tips (that Tiger would have used for his PGA win) on how to get success .
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Amana Walker#EverydayMotivation How to manage your head - 5 ways to feel good. Why not? Free ebook here...…
Amana WalkerGo easy on yourself. Otherwise it's gonna hurt. In more ways than one.
Amana Walker#ThursdayThoughts Do you ever just want someone to give you the time and space to be listened to? #LifeOfACoach
Amana Walker#You If you're ready to raise your game, here's how to start.
Amana WalkerBefore you realise it, the beauty will have faded - then what will you have left? Keep. Moving.