Serena Williams….and bad behaviour

Serena Williams...and bad behaviour
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Ryder Cup ..WHO should be in the team?

Ryder Cup..Who should be in the team?
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You’re ‘caught’ on camera – Tips!

If you are caught out on's a few things you should know. In The Spotlight tips, from amana.
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In The Spotlight – WHO will win the World Cup?

In The Spotlight - WHO will win the WORLD CUP?
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Amana Walker#LifeOfACoach You talk, I listen. You empty your head, I fill mine. Now you can find some solutions. Relax, you'r…
Amana Walker#Trolls Don't waste your breath, it's too precious.
Amana Walker#Focus Multitasking can be overrated #SpotlightCoach
Amana Walker#ThursdayThoughts #You don't have to be a leader to lead by example. Don't wait for a badge, just do it.…
Amana WalkerYou Be careful of advice. It might not be right for you....if you have ambition. #TheSpotlightCoach