Your invisible wall


I see them every day.
Oh no, I’m not talking about the physical, brick walls – I’m talking about the invisible kind.
The kind that I discover when coaching people.

You put them up for reasons that are personal and private to you.
I get that.

And sometimes you keep that wall up because you don’t want anyone to come in.
You’re afraid aren’t you?

You don’t want to get hurt. Again.
You don’t want to fail.
You’ve lost your confidence.
You’ve decided – ‘that’s it! – if I put up my wall and keep it there, I’m safe. No one can touch me’.

You’re right.
But you also can’t ‘escape’ – you’ve become a prisoner,behind your protective wall, trapped in your own world.

But what if .. there IS someone out there who COULD change your life – for the better – if you’d only let them in?

What if, you decide to break down your own wall and live your life regardless – you know, just for the hell of it, to have fun and to see what’s out there for you?

Life can be scary but ….scary can be really good for you.
It forces you out of your comfort zone to do things that you never believed you could do. But you can – when you change your mindset.
Anyway – c’mon, isn’t life full of risks?

Of course it is and unless you take them – you. don’t. move. Ever.
You happy with that?

So my friends, many of those risks ARE worth taking.

Now take a deep breath, go and get your (imaginary) sledgehammer and whack down that invisible wall.

I can see the things in you that you don’t want anyone to see.

And I promise you, your life is waiting, and you can’t stop the clock ticking.

Yeah, I AM pushing you!
It’s my job, OK?

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