Write Your Own Life

Welcome to 2020.

Some people start a new year full of excitement about the job they are going to, the partner they are with and in the knowledge that they are living their life just as they want to be.

But not everyone feels like that, am I right?

So if you have started back at work and you’re not 100% (or even close) sure that you’re in the right place: physically, mentally or emotionally – then let me throw you a challenge.

I’m not here to tell you what to do (wouldn’t have a clue) or to preach about action plans.
I just want to make you think.

Think about how much you are using your talent.
Think about happy you are, and where you are.
Think about what you’d LOVE to be doing (if you’re not already doing it).

And think about how much longer you are happy to live with your life EXACTLY as it is now.

Anyone who has reached the life/job/happiness they’ve always wanted, did it by looking the obstacles in the eye and somehow overcoming them.

Hurdles are there to be overcome. Rules can be broken.

The truth is, there is never an ‘easy’ path to getting what you want, and there often isn’t a clear one.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get there. There’s ALWAYS a way.

Write your own Life Script. And grab life by the balls.

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