When you lie about how you feel.

How are you?

Oh, wait – I know the answer – you’re ‘fine’ aren’t you?

I know that, because that’s what everyone says.

Even when it’s a lie.

Even on the days when you are; truly fed up, really down, don’t feel like you can get anything right, bottom of the heap, never gonna make it, feel like a loser and not sure how much longer you can carry on like this.

You’re not fine at all, but you don’t want to admit that, because – well, what will people think? And if they knew the truth, they’d judge you, right?

You worry you’ll be labelled as ‘not being able to cope’ .

What YOU might not realise is that most people have self-doubt and many have days – and even longer periods – when they really do feel rubbish. When you’re down it’s not easy to get back up.

So saying you’re ‘fine’ is the simplest answer to give. And it takes a special kind of person /boss to spot this. Someone who looks behind the words, someone who listens to body language (facial expressions) INSTEAD of the words. Someone who knows to dig deeper despite the answer they are given. Words only tell a small part of the story.

So if you’re not fine, try saying something different, be honest. Say you’re not at your best (or that you feel sh*t). You’ll be glad you did.

And if you’re someone’s boss, take more notice.

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