Valentine’s Day is Any Day.

I know, I know (as I write this) it’s a bit early for any ‘Valentine’ stuff .

But, IS IT?

When is it too early to talk about romance? I mean, I’m not particularly gushy (is that a word?) but after the year we’ve had I think we can allow ourselves to dream about finding ‘The One’.

Or appreciating ‘The One’ if you happened to have found yours.

Covid has taken many things from us, but Valentines’ Day, and romance? Nah. Never!

In fact, appreciating someone you love is even more important this year (hello, Covid).

So it’s never too early to do something nice or give something nice. Or say nice stuff to each other. Some of the most romantic gestures won’t cost you a penny. We just don’t do it often enough do we?

And if you’re worried that no one will want you because of (pick one that applies to you) …

How you look
Your past history
Your problems
Your personality
Your lack of money
Your age
Your kids
You never go anywhere (new for lockdown)

…then think again.

But rather than focus on what you don’t like about yourself, look at what’s good about you. What’s unique? What’s quirky?
What is your ‘Ingredient X’– I talk about this when I’m coaching – that thing about you that makes you stand out? Find it, and start liking who you are.

And by the way, everyone has ‘baggage’ (it’s called life experience).Your ‘baggage handler’ will be perfect for you and will arrive on the scene when you’re least expecting it.

That’s romance for you.

If you’re looking, there is someone out there for you. Stay alert, OK?

Valentine’s Day can be any day. Don’t wait for the 14th February.

PS. Daniel (007) Craig though..*sigh*
PPS. Followed by anyone who buys me chocolate or cake

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