The real story you should listen to

Well, we’re being bombarded with news.

And if we’re honest, most of it ain’t pretty.

So how do you keep your head up?

How do you know what’s the truth and what isn’t?

How do you know which celeb is dating who? (!) And do you care?

How do you keep away from news that causes you to worry (about Covid, the planet, who is running the country, how you will pay your bills)?

How do you stop yourself from falling down the black hole of despair?

Hmmmm….you know I could go on don’t you? OK, I won’t.

But there is a story much more important than any of this.

A story that’s playing 24 hours a day and it’s far more exciting – or dangerous – than any other story.

And it’s the story that’s being played out in your head.

Yeah. That one.

It’s either good news, or it’s not – and that depends on who or what you’re listening to (see above list). And only you can change the channel. That story affects how you think, how you feel, and how you behave.

It’s powerful.

So don’t concern yourself too much about the stories you are hearing, Most of them are outside of your control and will keep you awake at night.

But DO think seriously about the constant story you have playing out in your head – it could be far more damaging.

Learn to manage it, take control, switch your thoughts and clear your head.

Learn how to ‘write’ a good story – a true one – one that does have some positive stuff in it.

And learn how to ditch the gloom and ‘switch on’ something brighter. Because, who doesn’t need that? That’s a story worth listening to.

Now we’re talking.

Anyway – if you want some nifty little tips and techniques for how you can do that (and again, who doesn’t need that?) get yourself some, right here:…/how-to-manage-your-head-feel-good…

Bad news be gone. We’ve had enough haven’t we?

Focus on your own head folks, that’s the important stuff.
And that is where the real story is.

Who’s with me on this?

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