The Real Love Island ‘Face’

It’s hotting up in the Love Island villa, in more ways than one.
Shaughna has (along with Mollie – Mae and Megan Barton Hanson, previous Love Island contestants) been open about her cosmetic ‘tweakments’, and has no doubt contributed to the growing popularity of the Love Island ‘look’.

But, as is often the case with new arrivals in the villa, and the growing competition to hold onto their ‘man’, we’re starting to see what the real Love Island ‘face’ looks like.

The pressure of finding, or holding on to their partner has revealed more about the personalities we see on screen. It was only a matter of time, relationships are always put to the test when you’re living together (even in this ‘reality TV’ way).

But this means a fast track to seeing real beauty.
I’m talking about the face behind the face of course.
The stuff that good looks, make up and even cosmetic surgery can’t hide – naked personality.

That’s right, once that ‘hot as hell’ first impression and butterflies – in- your- stomach feeling starts to wear off (as Rebecca’s quickly did with Connaugh), you’re left with personality and character.
And for some people, it’s not enough to keep the ‘coupling’ going.

Pretty much everyone in the villa has talked about their ‘type’, and have said that personality or connection matters more than looks. But that doesn’t stop us initially choosing a partner on physical attraction alone, does it?
Of course not, and that’s OK as long as you are aware of the danger signs that tell you all might not be well on your Love Island.

Watch out for:

Possessive overload
A need, often driven by insecurities, to be possessive with a partner. Like keeping close tabs on where they are, who they are talking to and even what they are saying.
When this happens, we start to read into what’s being said, and tear ourselves apart with what we believe is the hidden truth. Before you know it, you are sabotaging your own relationship. Connor’s behaviour towards Sophie has shown a glimpse of this .

Constant ‘grafting’
Grafting (working hard to build your relationship) is fine, except when your partner carries on grafting with other people when they’re in a relationship with you. Ouch!
Some people have naturally flirty behaviour – but come on, when you’ve only been coupled up for a few days and they are still eyeing up others to check them out, presumably as an alternative option? Nah.
Calum did do this with Shaughna at first – has he settled now? Time will tell.

You’re not interested in hearing an explanation – you’ve seen what you’ve seen and that’s enough!
And your reaction is a spectacle for all to see. Passion, jealousy, competitiveness all play their part and your behaviour is enough to put anyone off.
Yes Shaughna. And Siannise. And Connor. So far…

All of these behaviours wipe the shine off that gorgeous Love Island face and all you can see is the naked personality behind it. It’s not a good look.

So how can you increase your attractiveness without the need for a cosmetic overhaul ?
Here’s 5 tips:

  1. Be a good listener.
    Lots of people want to talk about themselves and what they have going on in their lives. Let them, and don’t interrupt.
    In a world where the art of conversation (in part due to social media) is dying, having someone properly listen to you is a rarity. Listening brings you closer.
  2. Accept that no one is perfect (even you).
    It’s easy to judge, and it’s easy to find fault. But just before you do, remember that the perfect partner, is in fact, imperfect.
    If you’re unhappy about the way your partner has behaved stop and think before you launch into a tirade of abuse.
    Ask questions, be honest about how you feel and find a way through it together. All relationships are give and take.
  3. Show off your best bits.
    No, I’m not talking about the physical ones – they’ll be obvious to see. I’m talking about the internal ones.
    Kindness, maturity, inclusiveness, warmth and being fun to be around are all good examples of real beauty we look for. Who wouldn’t want that?
  4. Have something good to say.
    No , not all the time – that would be daft (and unrealistic).
    But be aware of what comes out of your mouth. Sometimes we don’t even realise when we’re being critical or negative towards a partner.
    Complementing, agreeing with and saying thank you are easy ways to keep your partner wanting to be with you. As long as you are being genuine when you do it.
  5. Know when the relationship is not for you.
    Staying with someone for fear of not finding someone else is wrong. You know it and I know it. It also reflects badly on you.
    Do the right thing, be honest and help both of you to move on. When you hit tough times, this is an opportunity to show the person you really are.
    Show your strength. Be lovely.

We buy into personality way more than anything else, and that wins over physical beauty hands down.

A gorgeous face and a hot body almost become irrelevant when on the inside it’s unattractive and cold.
So taking care of your appearance and spending money on it isn’t a bad thing. As long as you realise that the real beauty is on the inside.

Work on both.


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