The Man Who Had Everything.. And Nothing.

Ingredient X – The Story of The Man Who Had Everything, And Nothing (Taken from my forthcoming book: ‘Ingredient X’)

Over the years, I’d seen his success grow and grow…

Of course he worked hard and deserved all the rewards that came along, including the huge financial benefits and all the trappings of a luxury lifestyle – cars, exotic holidays and the social life of a rock star.

But as time went by, I realised that his lifestyle began to define him and that the people who surrounded him, weren’t really his ‘friends’ at all, they were there to enjoy whatever was thrown their way.

In fact, he was a loner. I don’t know if he had one good friend who he could rely on (for better or for worse), because I’m sure in all the time I’d known him and spent time with him, I never saw such a person. He didn’t even have a dog to call his best friend.

Even his family were distant, in mileage terms and in the relationship sense. It seemed everyone wanted him because of what he had, not because of who he was.

Why was that?

I found the answer to that question through my unique, and sometimes, ‘off the wall’ coaching. No one knew who he really was – all they saw was the ‘mask’ he wore and the persona he had to protect himself from anyone who came near him.

He had built a metaphorical wall around himself which was 6 feet high and 6 feet deep. It had been there for many years and he was comfortable inside of it – it protected him from pain and heartache, largely because he allowed no one in. But that also meant he was trapped on the inside.

Life isn’t supposed to be all roses. If there were no downs, there’d be no ups! Life is a journey on which we learn, often the hard way, how to live, and love, it’s about experiences.

The joy for us is how we handle each one and come out the other side, knowing how much we’ve achieved and so feeling stronger than before. But if all we see is a brick wall protecting us, we lose out on what it’s like to truly live; we’re falling short of living our life regardless of how much luxury and money it provides.

But there’s always a loose brick in the wall somewhere, and it’s my job to find it and carefully remove it to create an entrance – and an exit.

As people we are multi-layered. The outer layer gives a first impression and for many people – including this man, you have to dig deep into the layers to find the real person and to uncover why they are hiding underneath them. Mostly, the layers are a defence mechanism.

Below this mans’ many layers was a beautiful – but scarred- soul.  He was caring, generous and had so much love to give and he genuinely was a ‘people magnet’ – he didn’t need to impress anyone with his money, he didn’t need to bestow gifts. The ‘naked’ man was enough.

It took some time before he realised this and in doing so, he realised himself that although he had everything, he had been living his life with nothing.

Until now.


Ingredient XThe Learning

Sometimes we need to dig incredibly deep to find out who we are. The surface layers are often our ‘packaging’, and the prize is held within.

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled. Be brave, be prepared to face what life throws at you and never be afraid to face the real you.

You’ll be amazed by what you find. Ingredient X is woven through your body and soul. It becomes part of your DNA. It is not reliant on money or success, or friends and family or even health.

It is however reliant on you finding it.

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