The Biggest Battle You Face

It’s OK if you don’t have a fancy pants social media account – or a gazillion followers.

It’s OK if you don’t entertain others with funny memes or technically brilliant videos.

It’s also OK if you don’t look handsome/glamorous/sexy or cool on your posts and pics.

But it’s NOT OK if you’re not being you.

Who you are – and how you are – is good enough, and don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise (yeah – including yourself!). There’s no need to pretend for anyone.

The real you is always better than the one you are trying to hide behind. Perhaps you should look really closely. When you approve of yourself, nothing else matters.

So the biggest battle you’ll ever face, is with yourself.

Never be afraid to show the world who you are.

Genuine people have genuine friends and genuine fans.

Got that? Good.

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