Ryder Cup-how to win, again.

Bravo #TeamUSA on winning golfs’ Ryder Cup.

Of course, if behaviour was added to the score board … they may have dropped a few points along the way. Just saying.

What a performance, and what a team.

I mean, if you’re going to win, win well. 

Given that the vast majority of the very vocal supporters are on your side and watching your every move, this was an opportunity to set the example of what true sportsmanship (and winning behaviour) is all about.

But there’s no doubt that Team USA deserved to win , the skill was there from day 1 .
They hit some unbelievable (and consistent) shots. They are dynamic, passionate and are not going away in a hurry….
But that’s competition for you, and everyone needs it.

So what next when you DON’T get the result you were desperately hoping for? 
Lots of teams have been on the losing side , but as bad as losing feels, it’s what happens next that matters .

So, how do you pick yourself up?

Here are a few tips I use with teams, in sport and business:

– Acknowledge the winners, because holding onto bad feeling – and being a poor loser can hold YOU back .

– Remember your past successes. You may have taken a hit, but you’ve had wins before and you can get them again . Winning relies on having the right attitude first.

– Fight back. Sharpen your skills , analyse where you could do better , prepare yourself to be the best .

– Challenge yourself. You don’t just want to come back and win, you want to come back better than ever and wipe the floor with your competition.

– Even when you lose, you can be an outstanding role model .
And that, is the start of your comeback.

So congrats to the boys in the USA.
And well done Team Europe – your team bond is there for all to see and your spirit can’t be broken.

We know how much it hurts to lose (at anything) – and we could see that in the emotion openly shown by some of the individuals (Mcilroy, Rahm) .

The way back from that, is to win again.
Get ready.

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