Love Island: Coach’s Tips

Here’s my first tip for all the gang currently in Love Island: Perception is EVERYthing.

And when you’re in the spotlight, it matters big time.


Because that’s how people form an impression of who they think you are.

Now, I know you’re only human, temperatures are (literally) rising, and the ‘bubble’ that you’re in means there’s no escaping from the tension and daily dramas. And it’s so easy to lose sight of how you are coming across.

And yes you should be yourself. But when millions are watching (plus everyone in the villa) your behaviour, words and actions will have impact. And as long as you are prepared for the reactions , it’s OK.

But c’mon, how many of us are? We speak and act ‘in the moment’ don’t we?

So all those who can see you are ready to make judgement. Hell Yesss! And judging they are….so here’s my quick fire tips for you girls based on what’s currently going on (boys, you’ll have to wait).

‘Course, if they’d let me in the Villa, I’d give you these (and more) in person……

Lucie – Make your mind up! What – or WHO – do you want?

Maura – Dump. Him.

Anna – Breaker of trust, or girls’ best friend? Be careful.

Amber – Stay honest.

Arabella – You playing games? Perception honey, perception.

Molly-Mae – Ignore the doubters. Unless you know they’re right…

Amy – Don’t get too comfortable. Just saying.

Things are gonna move fast over the next few days, so bear this stuff in mind. Think before you speak (and act) and remember that although you are there to have fun and find lurve, you are also in the spotlight.

And a big one at that.


Straightforward, straight talking Spotlight Coach.

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