I meant to behave, but….

I’ve wanted to be a ‘good girl’ all my life, and I’ve tried hard to get stuff right and behave, I really have.

Like when I was at school I wanted to be teachers’ pet (but I wasn’t clever enough and didn’t do my homework), I worked hard over the years in my jobs trying to get the best results (but did anyone even notice?), and in my social life I tried to be sociable but…(hmmmm..let’s just leave that one there).

It was only when, after many years, I left my job, restudied, and completely changed career I realised that doing things right was a tad overrated.

But doing the right things (for me) was waaay more important.

And that means (unlike millions of other people) making sure you’re doing a job, or living a life that you love – and that only became apparent to me when I found my ‘Ingredient X’ (more about that on another blog post).

So now, I’m a Spotlight Performance Coach, and I focus less on the process and more on the person. Sometimes, those pesky rules just get in the goddamn way, don’t they?

Anyway, I often break them. As a coach, I’m direct, but I listen well. I’m brutally honest, but I’m nice (OK, yes, that is my opinion!). I push the boundaries but help the person I’m coaching to make some big shifts in their life. I’m non-traditional, but do the job well. Coaching, as with any job, can be – and should be – personalised.

We’re all different, so don’t put your differences in a box and hide them-instead show them off, and show who you are.

What’s the point of my blog then?

It’s to reassure you, to provoke your thinking, to challenge you and to motivate you.

Because not behaving, isn’t the same as behaving badly.

Not behaving means you are free to choose the many other options that are available, and it means you follow your heart.

Trust your judgement. Be unconventional. Don’t (always) behave.


Straightforward, straight talking.

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