How to Succeed – Like Michael Jordan

‘I used my mind as well as I did my body’ – said Michael Jordan, when talking about one of his finest years as a basketball player.

I’m not gonna argue with him (he’s a lot bigger than me ) and he happens to be right.

Working hard will get you to the starting line.
Stepping up will keep you in the game.
But being the best? – Ahh, now that is about SO much more.

It’s sometimes a painful (not for me) conversation that I have in coaching because hard work doesn’t guarantee you that promotion and it doesn’t guarantee you success.

And, if you want to be No.1, then anything less than that is gonna hurt. Badly.

That’s why a ‘step up’ is not enough.

You have to take yourself seriously: physically ,mentally and emotionally if you want a sniff at standing out.
If you don’t you’ll fall short.

And only when you learn how to manage your head, will you go further than you ever thought possible.

Well…. perhaps not as far as Michael, but you never know?

Make a start.

And yes, I am a tough coach
(well, you want to be the best, don’t you?)

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