How to stop worrying in 5 minutes

Thank you, Banksy for your quote – and lesson.
I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

We’re all guilty of spending way too long thinking (read: worrying/crying/being angry) about stuff that isn’t big enough to matter in the big scheme of life.

Oh, I know it FEELS big at the time, but trust me – it probably isn’t. 5 minutes is enough.

Still, to help you decide, you could always do my little ‘shock’ test just to be sure – which is by asking yourself this :

‘Is whatever I’m worried about worth me using up my life over it? For every minute I spend thinking about it, my life TICKING away’ .

I do however, recommend you take as long as you like on solutions, new plans and ways to move forward, because your life is waiting for you.
But it won’t wait forever.

Make. Your. Choice.

Straightforward, straight talking

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