How to be the best. At anything.

You know, I often say this to the people I coach. Including the absolute top performers in sport and music.

‘…if you truly want to be the best – you won’t ever reach the end point. Because there isn’t one ‘

Now, don’t despair! This doesn’t mean you won’t ever be excellent – or the best even.

Quite the opposite – it’s how you become the best, and stay there.

You have to be aware of how you are performing
You have to notice, and be better than your competition
You have to work on sharpening up
You have to work on your attitude and keep that ego in check
You have to look for that little bit more, and keep your edge
You have to move out from your comfort zone

You have to keep pushing yourself – even when you think you’re done. Because, you won’t be.

So, as I say to them, you always have to be ‘in training’.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use up more of your time, but it does mean you use your time wisely.

Sound harsh? Yep.
Is it worth it? That depends on how good you want to be.

But why be good, when you could be the best?

Just a thought,
Straightforward, straight talking Coach.

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