High Profile? High Price

When you have a job that’s high profile , it means wherever you go someone is likely to be watching.

Yes, it’s tough.

No, it’s not fair (usually).

It’s tough being in the spotlight.

Far too many people don’t realise just how tough ,until that is, something happens and they – or their behaviour – is called out. And at that point, there is nowhere to hide. (Even on an secluded estate in Durham).

The thing is, when you fck up, it’s best to own up. Quickly.

Even if you don’t believed you’ve fcked up, own up. Quickly.

Because when many eyes are on you, your reputation is at stake and perception matters. And if you don’t apologise or show humility (for whatever reason) however much you try to defend yourself, not enough people will buy it.

Or you, after that.

I’ve coached enough people in this situation to see how badly it can go wrong. I’m no PR expert, but I am an expert in behaviour, performance in the spotlight and how not to fck up when you hold a position of extreme responsibility.

When you hold a high profile position, honesty, integrity and (I’ll say it again) humility, matter.

High profile = high price.

Like I said, it’s tough.

Just my opinion

(based on many years coaching people in the spotlight) .


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