Good news about your rise to the top. Bad news for your competition.

‘But amana..’ they say, ‘…there’s sooo much competition..’.

I hear this a lot when I’m coaching. Even from people with huge ambition.

I’ve heard it from leaders, from golfers, from footballers, from recording artists , and also from the new generation of Influencers.

I don’t disagree with any of them. There IS a shed load of competition.

But there’s good news about your rise to the top. You’re not like others out there.

You have a point of difference
You can stand out from the crowd.
You can keep going when others give up.

You’ll get breakthrough with your determination and persistence.

You can find your ‘Ingredient X’ as I call it (your special ‘something’).

You. Have. What. It. Takes. All of us have – we just have to (sometimes) dig deep to find it.

Yes, you DO need confidence – so that when you believe in yourself and whatever it is you’re trying to achieve THEN (and only then) others will take notice.

I won’t pretend (or lie to you) – it’s not an easy ride to get to the top. Expect plenty of obstacles and challenges.

That’s why so many give up along the way.

But guess what that means? It means that there is plenty of room at the top. For you.

(By the way, you can get all the confidence you need right here –…/how-to-build… )

So c’mon, get moving. There is a lot of competition – but not at the top.

It’s cool to be different. Isn’t it?

Mindset really matters. Have a check on yours.


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