Feb 29th: The day that could change your life.

There are some weird and wonderful traditions when it comes to Feb 29th, the most famous one being the opportunity for a woman to propose to a man …. and it’s allegedly bad luck for the man to refuse (just saying).

Choose wisely girls, think carefully boys.

 And good luck.

Aside from proposals , I see the day as an opportunity to think about something big , and personal to you. Something that you’ve been putting off.

February 29th could be the day to change your life.

And although you might well be at work that day , you can’t always use the excuse (don’t yell at me) that you don’t have the time.

Now you do.

An extra day like this Leap Day only comes around every 4 years. And as a coach, I like to push and provoke your thinking, so I have a few questions for you:

  • Are you doing THAT thing you really want to be doing?

If not, do something about it.

  • Are you underachieving and KNOW there’s far more in you?

If so, do something about it.

  • Are you living your life the way OTHER people want you to live, but not the way you want to?

  If so, do something about it.

Does this sound harsh? Maybe.

But already this year we’ve heard sad stories in the news, and no one truly knows what’s around the corner.

SOMEday might never come, so rather than wait, how about doing it today.

Or Feb 29th?

Take your chance to change your life .

(Including with the marriage proposal).

What are you waiting for?


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