Do we judge too soon?

It’s cool to have an opinion. We all have one don’t we?

If I’m talking to my husband about football managers of say; #ChelseaFC vs. #ManCity vs. #LiverpoolFC there are, let’s just say, ‘sparks’ flying. But let’s not go there (post isn’t long enough).

Even with age and seniority, it takes courage to speak your mind and stand up for what you believe in.

After years of coaching, I’m never surprised when I listen to people who (to the outside world) ‘have it all’ but don’t have what they need the most.

That inner self confidence.
Knowledge that they are supported – and someone has their back.
Freedom to be honest without repercussions.
Support to get the development or help they need- because why shouldn’t they at their age/level?
Scope to be daring and take risks, without blame waiting in the wings.
Privacy to have open conversations and empty their head, whenever needed.

So have an opinion. Say your stuff.
Just know that, unless we know the full story, we don’t know the full story.

And we really don’t know what is happening behind the scenes in the royal family – or with Meghan and Harry.

I reckon we all know someone who looks the part and sounds the part. But inside, they’re falling apart.

It might even be you.

Do we judge too soon?

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