Deep Listening…What the heck is that?

What the heck is ‘Deep Listening’?

BBC Radio 5 Live conducted a powerful experiment on Deep Listening and then invited me on to their show to talk about it from a coach’s perspective.

(here’s more about the experiment here)

Can YOU sit with someone who has a completely opposing view to your own, and listen to them (without wanting to whack them across the chops)? Well for all of you out there who reckon you’re a good listener, I’m throwing down the challenge for you to become a Deep Listener.

And yes, it’s very different to everyday ‘listening’.

– You block off the time

– You find a quiet place – with no interruptions or distractions (can YOU leave your phone?)

– You put yourself in a non-judgemental frame of mind (already tough for some)

– You allow the person to talk without ANY interruptions from you (can you hold your tongue for long enough?)

– When they’ve finished talking, you ask deeper questions to understand more about WHY they believe what they do.

– You recap to check you’ve understood. And if you haven’t, ask for further clarification.

– In the end, you might not agree, but you’ve listened to their perspective, perhaps earned a bit of respect – and maybe even gained a friend.

In business, and in life, it’s easy to work with people who share your views.

But the real skill is to work well with those who don’t.

Surprise yourself. Listen. Deep.


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