Coping with Covid19: 5 Tips

The novelty of staying home due – and being able to eat kit kats whenever you want (just me?) – might be starting to wear off already. In fact you might not be coping with Covid19 well at all.

And there’s a long way to go yet.

What can you do to pull yourself back from slipping down the spiral of ‘doom’?
Here’s 5 tips.

You can:

1. Put it all in perspective
If you have your life and health-you’re ‘wealthy’.
It’s our new wake up call.

2. Switch your focus .
Onto something funny, or music, or step outside, or talk to a mate.
It changes your mindset.

3. Learn something new.
Go on, you have the time now.

4. Rethink your future. Yes really.
When this is all over, are you happy to go back and do the same job in the
same way? Or is this your epic opportunity to rethink completely? You
have the time to plan. Don’t think of ‘getting back to normal’ if you never
liked that normal. You can do better.

5. Cut yourself some slack.
I’m all for being positive and motivated. But at the risk of contradicting
myself – it’s OK to feel down, lonely, frustrated,naffed off.
Give yourself 10 mins of ‘misery’ time BUT then you’re done.

Oh, and if you hear the words ‘I’m fine’? – dig a bit deeper. That person might not be fine or coping at all. You could stop them from slipping.

Can’t WAIT for a cuppa and a hug with someone.
Be warned,

Straightforward, straight talking.

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