Be Different

When I was a kid, I hated being different – looking different.
I wanted to look the same as my mates (fair hair, English rose, blue eyes and all that). I wanted to be part of their ‘cool gang’.

But that was never going to happen. So rather than draw any attention to my points of difference (which is all of me!) I opted to stay in the background.
It was more comfortable for me that way.

And then I started to grow up.
Turns out looking different wasn’t and isn’t so bad after all….OK a little bit of confidence helped.
But you know what I learned?…
Our world is multicultural, multiracial and multi flippin’ everything so get over it….
And the more we accept each other for our differences, the better we become – am I right?

This fear of being different, and not being good enough comes up so many times when I’m coaching people. Even people who seemingly have everything, and /or look amazing. Yes really.

In my experience people try too hard to fit in
NOW I can say – don’t. Be who you are .
You’re ‘cool enough’.

Find your Spotlight.

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