Are you the new Rockstar?

Anyone can be a ‘rockstar’ (no, I can’t sing either).

There are rockstars everywhere. In homes up and down the country, in hospitals, in supermarkets and in ‘virtual’ classrooms and offices.

I mean, not the singing kind (but if you’ve got it – hell, use it!) but people who buck the trend, they do their thing and they’re doing it because they want to. It’s not to please the boss or anyone particularly (love that don’t you?).

They make us smile, they get stuck in and yet they also stand out. They use what I call their ‘Ingredient X’ (more on that another day) .

Sometimes they’re a bit cheeky, or maverick. But they don’t rebel to naff us off, they do it to bend the rules, cut the red tape and get stuff done.

It’s for good reason and no one gets hurt.

Rock Stars are ageless (hello Colonel Tom) and they’ve never heard of ‘comfort zone’. They rock their ‘thing’ because they want to. . They’re often likeable, successful, brave and the kind of person we want to have around.

They may be quiet but when their actions are big- who needs words? . They are the new (and best) kind of ‘Celebrity’.

I’ve coached some this week, a crisis brings out the best in us.

When we allow it to.

So, do you know of a ‘rockstar’ somewhere – or are YOU the one we love to have around?

Worth asking.


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