Are you hiding behind your own wall?

Putting up (impossibly high) walls is common.

I know this because I see it so often as a coach.

And there’s no wonder you would do that, with the hurting, cheating, and the comparing ourselves to the (seemingly) ‘perfect’ people around.  Who the heck can live up to that?

Answer = No one.

So I get why you would want to hide.

But, if you allow yourself to be open enough – you can change all of that yourself. By making a decision that you are no longer accepting that life.

And sometimes, the right person comes along who can help you to change where you are.

Someone who cares enough, who will dig a little deeper and  help you see that life is an adventure – it doesn’t always go the way we want (it’s kinda part of a bigger plan).

Challenges are there to be overcome, they’re partly a test of your strength, and when you do smash those obstacles (or feelings) blocking your  way…you reach another milestone in your life.

How cool is that?

So the question is, are you that someone with a wall up? 

If so, be aware of the dangers IF you  stay where you are:

1. No one ever gets in, and you miss out on friendship and relationships of all types.

2. You can’t escape, you are too afraid of the consequences.

3. You stay there for so long that it becomes your new normal.


Perhaps now is a good time for you to pluck up the courage to move out from behind  your wall of protection , and accept that you are more than good enough as you are.

Life is for living, not for hiding.

And if you suspect someone you know is hiding…Listen. Understand. And help them to knock down that wall.


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