5 Ways Love Can Make You Successful

I am a self confessed non– romantic.

That’s not because I don’t believe in romance, or in the power of love. Far from it. Over the years I’ve come to realise that there are many different versions of love, and the effect it has on the giver and receiver – is nothing short of amazing.

Not all versions of love is of the romantic and ‘in love’ kind, but that doesn’t make it any less deep, or meaningful or in fact less powerful. I’m willing to bet that if you think about all of the points listed below you could think of your own real life example of a person or a team that demonstrates the point. And I’m  sure you could add much more to it.

But here’s a short – get to the point – version for you.

My 5 ways that love can make you successful:

1. The ‘love’ you have for yourself

I know this sounds cringe worthy, but I’m not into ‘gush’, so hear me out. This is about self- belief, confidence and self-worth.

If you truly want to be successful, be prepared for a (probably) rocky road ahead. You’ll meet plenty of doubters along the way and people who feel threatened by who you are and where you are going. You’ll face rejection and get knocked down. Regularly. You’re gonna need to be resistant and more than just determined  to get to wherever you want to be.

This isn’t about being cocky, over confident or trampling over people to get what you want. That’s just being an idiot.

It’s about believing in you. Being your greatest support, and being ready to pick yourself up if you do fall down. Your self- talk has to be better than positive , it has to contain rocket fuel.

2. The love you get from your partner/family/friends

Those who are closest to us have to put up with a lot, don’t they? When we come home late, need to work longer hours…and then we continue to work at home. We offload our daily troubles onto them and we sometimes expect that they’ll have answers for us.

They are there for us, sometimes when we don’t even deserve them to be. They are our rock and whatever happens  in life, you want them to be there with you.

Don’t lose sight of how much they mean, because if you don’t have them around one day – you’ll realise how much you’ve lost. Real success is about sharing, so if you don’t have anyone (left) to share it with , it can feel meaningless.

Your nearest and dearest matter: show them.

3. How love makes a difference when you are the boss

Take a look at the most successful sports teams. They love their ‘boss’.

They may not like their boss some days when he (or she)  is pushing their performance and stretching them out of their comfort zone. They may not like  him when he is making them do things they don’t enjoy doing or when he is expecting  them to constantly achieve more and raise their own bar.

But when they are a success – and ahead of anyone else, they love their boss like  no other – and will do absolutely anything for  him.

We can all see examples across sports, but the same rules apply to every boss who manages a team out there.

What kind of boss are you? Do you love your team? Will you do anything  for them? Have you got them 100% behind you, willing to do whatever it takes to win?

Just take a look at your teams performance, and you’ll know.

4. Love as a team at work

You spend most of your life with your colleagues at work: how well do you treat them?

OK, they might not all be your cuppa tea – and you might argue that some of them don’t pull their weight – but I’m talking about you, not them.

It takes the example of 1 person to kick start great team work. That 1 person who bends over backwards to help, who helps you to be successful, who ‘has your back’ and who supports you when things are going wrong. And then that team ethic starts to spread. When you all jump in and appreciate each other, withhold judgement and not allow negativity to drag you down, when you all realise how much there is at stake if you’re not ‘tight – knit’ – you become an elite team. , and that’s when you start to see real success.

A team like this is the envy of everyone

5. How you love your customers  

Customers can be real hard work. They want you to say ‘yes’ to their every request and they want you to deliver on time and within budget, with a cherry on the top, every time.

But what’s wrong with that? After all, they are your customers and, by and large, you don’t want them to go anywhere else….do you?

Choice is everywhere and although business is more competitive than ever, let’s not take customers for granted. People, generally, buy people first, and we do have to take this personally because one of the reasons for the customer coming to you in the first place – is you.

An you could also be the reason why they go. Just saying.

Look after them, stay close to them, don’t meet their expectations (anyone can do that) – exceed them. Very few do that.

Now, for all of you reading this blog and thinking  – ‘This isn’t rocket science – I already knew all of this’. You are absolutely right, it’s not rocket science and I’m sure you do know it.

But are you doing all of it? …..I’ll leave that one with you.

Love is powerful. It really can make you successful.


Straightforward, straight talking Coach

Not a romantic, but a believer in love.

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