2020, Yes I can do this.

Well here we are, it’s July – and still 2020. Feels like a long year eh?

We’ve been through a lot, we’ve seen a lot, we’ve felt a lot.Don’t be fooled by images – It’s not been easy for anyone.

I know that because of the coaching conversations I’m having.

For some people, having a job brings the concern about looming redundancy. For others, with no job – there’s the worry about money, food, bills.

We worry about our health, and our family.
We’re angry about Covid attacking us, and we’re angry about our fellow humans killing others.
Both are senseless.

We worry about when *this* will all end. No wonder so many are struggling. All of THAT is gonna takes its toll, right?

Which is why I want you to pause, and tell yourself :
‘I can do this.’

You can keep going – even when it’s tough, because you will come out the other side.
You can be hopeful that you will find work, and money – it may take time, but it will come.
You can look forward to a better time.
You can play your part in supporting others. And you can find the strength that you need to believe that better, is around the corner.

You’ve already come a loooong way this year – and it’s been a belter, so yes, you can handle anything.

And so, Dear 2020, your first 6 months have tested us beyond belief.

But we’re not done yet, we’re stronger than you realise.

So give us your next 6.
We’re ready.Bring it on,

Spotlight Coach.

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