The winners vs. the losers

The winners vs. the losers Ahhh the football season is drawing to a close. And what a season it's been.
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The Mistake Is Not The Issue

Everyone makes mistakes, don't they? But the mistake is not the issue.
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The obstacles are not in your way.

Obstacles are never in your way. There are times when this one hits all of us.
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January blues? This year’s different, here’s my view.

We hear about the January blues every year, don’t we? And this year is no different. Well, except it is .
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Amana WalkerJust posted a photo @ UK
Amana Walker#FIFAWorldCup Because you can’t discount anyone … Well done #SaudiArabia
Amana WalkerWhen so many things aren’t going the way we want them to… remember all of those people. #perspective