Amana Walker, The Spotlight Guru

Everyone wants the chance to shine …if your time is now, have a listen to me talking about Life in the Spotlight.

Who am I?:

When I was a kid, one of my ambitions was to travel the world. So I joined the travel industry.

I started as a junior (and ‘tea maker’) and through various promotions, ended up as Director (yeah, that took me a few years!) at the UK’s No.1 Holiday Company. Many years later, having travelled over the world I realised I wanted to still travel – but this time into the minds and psyche of people. So I learned my stuff, took the leap and started my Personal Coaching and Development business.

That was scary, but worth the risk.

I was born and still live in lovely Yorkshire although I spend most of my time in London and wherever else I’m needed by my customers (I’d like a few customers in Hawaii please!).

Working my way up the ranks in business all those years ago has taught me how to connect with and help people at all levels and from many different backgrounds.

Their experiences have added to my experience.


My Style:

I have over 25 years’ of different types of coaching experience, and have coached people from the age of 13 to 70+ years of age.

So what?

Well it’s likely that whatever you need me for, I’ll have been there with someone else. Of course, you’re different and I understand that, but I’m good at getting beneath the layers quickly.

The real person is usually the one behind the mask.

Don’t be alarmed by this one …but I’m no ‘traditional’, process driven coach. I’m informal, conversational and practical. I’m a straight talking kind of girl – you don’t want waffle.

And using psychobabble (is that even a word?) can put people off – so I don’t.

I will be using various methods – some well-known techniques and some that are unique to me, as well as my own methods.

But you don’t need to know that right? All that you need to know is that you’re in safe hands.